Welcome to the People's Energy Charter



On Nov 9th 2013 Claiming Our Future and the regional transition hub LEAF - Laois Environmental Action Forum, hosted an event to get the ball rolling to create a People's Charter on Renewable Energy. From that event the People's Energy Charter evolved. PEC - The People's Energy Charter, as it has become, are calling for comprehensive public participation in all of Irelands energy policies, plans and projects. More about that here including a list of groups.

Most of the work we have engaged in since we started has been influencing national Energy policy. The White Paper - Irelands Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future was launched in December 2015 and many of the people involved were in attendance. More on the launch from the departments website.

Here are some insights into what we have achieved in the past 3 years:

From Transition Networks blog - The Great Awakening

From our coordinator Theresa O'Donohoe's blog - Changing The System 

Now that we have a national policy that places the energy citizen at the heart of Irelands Transition we are working on ways to have that acted upon.